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Taxes Are Too Damn High


The Problem: Taxes Are Too Damn High

The average property tax bill for Edison residents has increased $1,000 in just three years! In 2020, during the height of a global pandemic, Edison Township, led by Mayor Lankey and Council Vice President Samip Joshi, increased taxes by nearly 6%.

Edison taxpayers can’t afford another $1,000 tax hike over the next four years.

The Solution

Use Federal COVID-19 Relief Funds to Achieve a 0% Tax Increase

Use the $14.8 million in federal funds that President Biden is sending to Edison for a ZERO PERCENT property tax increase and additional tax relief. This money should be returned to you, to help you make rent, support your family, and offset the impact of the current financial crisis.

Refinance For Better Rates

The township needs to immediately refinance our current township debt and bonds at a lower interest rate, and use the savings for a ZERO PERCENT property tax increase this year.

Because interest rates remain low, its can be helpful for a township to refinance some of its outstanding debt to get a savings, just like homeowners are refinancing mortgages because mortgage rates are so low right now. The savings achieved from this debt restructuring should be passed on to you, the tax payer.

Cut Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

Currently, politically connected vendors are making millions at the expense of our taxpayers. We propose an annual review of any vendor who gets paid over $25,000.00.

We also need to ask our vendors to support our residents in our time of need. We believe we may need to renegotiate contracts with these private companies, some of whom charge the township millions of dollars.

Additionally, we must implement good government reforms. This includes getting rid of no-bid contracts awarded in back room deals to politically connected vendors. Vendors should bid for services. This is the only way we can identify the best prices and best services.