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The Problem: Our Infrastructure is broken and its impacting our quality of life

Our basic quality of life is suffering. Our roads are in bad shape. Our parks are dirty. Residents have trouble getting on to the internet.

In general, both Edison’s water and sewer system is in poor condition due to lack of investment and maintenance.

The water system experiences about 65 breaks per year which is about 60% over the national average and about 1 million gallons leaks out each day. Only about $2.5M has been spent over the last 20 years on both systems combined. This investment is too low for a system of this size and it shows that both systems have been neglected for many years.


The Solution


Safe And Efficient Roads Are A Critical Component To The Community

The first step is to inventory our roads, prioritize those in most need, and repave- from end to end. This requires a comprehensive road inspection program and intelligent pavement management that provides the township with vital information that is required to assess the township’s roads and bridges so that we can make informed decisions for maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement. We also need to supplement our road system with more bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways.

Fix Our Water & Sewer System

Experts recommend spending $285M on the sewer system and $91M on the water system over the next 40 years to make repairs and renew systems. Out of this, $5.6M is needed right away on the water system and $43M over the next 5 years on the sewer system.

We will develop a detailed 10 year infrastructure improvement and maintenance plan. This plan will be completed in the first 90 days of our term.

Aggressively push for reliable, faster internet and better rates

CWe have seen what happens when you have leadership. The Mayors of Hamilton Township and Robbinsville initiated legal proceedings against Optimum and caused the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to investigate Altice USA. The next administration must leverage the size of Edison to hold Optimum accountable and to negotiate rates.