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Stop Overcrowding


The Problem: Our Schools are Overcrowded, So are our streets

As Edison’s population continues to grow, we need to address the congestion on our roads and the overcrowding of our schools. The current administration and council have treated school overcrowding as a Board of Education issue, leaving it solely to the school district to confront this crisis.

Similarly, the administration has refused to enact smart growth initiative, and instead allowed big warehouses to be built in residential areas.

The Solution

Work With The Board Of Education

Once elected, we will create a working relationship with the Board of Education to find solutions. Together we will search for new land to build new schools and will update our existing schools. We will also invest resources into finding new grants for the town and school board to supplement the needs of our Schools at no cost to taxpayers.

Reduce Traffic Congestion, Restrict Trucks In Residential Neighborhoods

Edison needs a new Master Plan, the one that promotes smart growth. Our town is in desperate need of a Master Plan that has a plan for responsible redevelopment, affordable senior housing, and one that does not allow big warehouses in residential neighborhoods.

We’ll advocate for further changes including working with state and federal elected officials t so trucks don’t use residential roads as a bypass and add additional traffic. We will also examine other modifications as recommended by professional traffic engineers to help alleviate the traffic on our main roads.